Sportsbooks compared and reviewed

Are you ready to dive into the world of sports betting? You’re not alone! More folks than ever are turning to betting for entertainment and the thrill of a big win on their favourite sporting events!

The Best Online Sportsbooks in 2021

It is always tempting to join a high-street bookmaker’s online betting site. However, are they always the best places to sign up and play at if you want to bet on sports? Can you find better deals and a broader array of markets online from other operators? These are questions you can always ask yourself if you want to find the best online sportsbooks. However, rather than do all that necessary legwork yourself, why not allow Casinocashbet to help you?

What It Takes to Make the Best PlayOrBet Sportsbook List

Casinocashbet team has a stringent list of criteria which we use to weed out the sub-par sportsbooks from those which truly excel at giving you the best betting opportunities online. We run each of the sports betting sites we come across through the wringer to ensure that they adhere to our strict set of values.

Any online sportsbook which passes most (if not all) of our requirements with flying colours is likely to receive a review, but even then, there are additional tests they have to fly through before they receive our seal of approval. If you want to know exactly what they are, we will gladly tell you. You can even use the same criteria to judge sportsbooks for yourselves if you do not want to play with one of our recommended sites. Here then, is precisely what a sportsbook must have if we are to recommend it to you today…

Sports Variety

Naturally, one of the prerequisites for being a leading sportsbook is offering players such as yourself a fantastic array of sports and markets. It is no good just taking bets on the most popular sports, such as football, horse racing and cricket. We also want to see more obscure sports represented as betting markets at leading online bookmakers. After all, not every player watches the same sports. Moreover, we are not just going to accept “straight win” bets, either. There should be an array of long odds bets up for grabs, from predicting who will score first to the number of corners in a football match. On top of this, our team regularly weighs up the odds offered by sportsbooks. To make it onto our top list of the best online sportsbooks, a website must also provide fair and competitive odds, especially in comparison to those found at rival betting sites. Value for money is a must for Casinocashbet .

Bonuses and Promotions

You are never going to find the same array of bonuses and promotions at an online sportsbook as you would at a casino. Let us be clear on that right now. However, that does not mean to say that a leading sportsbook will not offer any bonuses and promotions at all. Most can provide you with a welcome bonus, but does an online sports betting site also provide special offers, free bets, and promotions? Casinocashbet likes to think so, and this is one of the main things we look for in an online betting site. Those which offer an array of special deals are far more likely to get a mention at Casinocashbet than those which do not. Of course, the terms and conditions attached to those bonuses and promos need to be fair, too. We do not expect you to look through pages of text to find out if a deal is worth claiming – we will do it for you in our reviews.

Payout Speed and Banking

We expect all our recommended sportsbooks to pay out promptly and with minimum fuss. After all, a bookie which is in a hurry to process your deposit but sandbags it when it comes to paying out your sports winnings is not what you are looking for. As well as processing winnings in an orderly manner, we also check to ensure that our betting sites have a decent selection of deposit and withdrawal options and that there are no hidden or costly fees attached to those payment methods.

Security and Trust

Sports betting sites have KYC (know your customer) processes so they can be sure that they can trust you. Why should not trust work both ways? At Casinocashbet, we make sure that it does. Our team investigates every security aspect of online betting sites. We want to see licensing information; we check for encryption and certifications as well as regulation. Nobody is going to pull a fast one on us. We also know how addictive betting online can be. Therefore, we only recommend online sportsbooks which have responsible gambling tools such as deposit, wager and loss caps, self-exclusion, and timeout periods, as well as access to problem gaming platforms.

User Experience

There is arguably nothing worse than joining an online sportsbook and not being able to find the bet that you want. Jumbled menus, too many boxes, and camouflage betting slips are not things that we want to see. Casinocashbet wants to see a clearly marked betting slip, easy to navigate markets and betting options, as well as adjustable odds formats. We also expect our bookmakers to highlight which markets are closing soon, where they keep their in-play options and showcase their current offers clearly. We understand that with so many betting markets, it can sometimes be tricky for sportsbooks to lay everything out in an easy to navigate way, so there is naturally some wiggle room from us. However, we still insist on our readers having the best user experience they possibly can do.

Customer Support

Occasionally, you may need a little help – it happens. What is crucial is that should that day come, an online sportsbook can be contacted and readily supply you with the advice, answers, and information you need when you need it. At Casinocashbet, we test the support systems of any sportsbook we are thinking of examining. They need to provide fast, effective, and friendly customer support, ideally via live chat. E-mail and telephone options (if toll-free) are welcomed, as is an FAQ. However, when seeking help on individual sports bets, time is sometimes of the essence, so live chat is very much something we want to see.

Key Features

It may look this way, but few online sportsbooks are alike. Underneath the myriad of bets, they may offer unique and key features. Of course, it is not practical for Casinocashbet to demand the same features in every bookmaker, and we would not want to. However, we do make a note of these added and special features, and we pass that information on to you in our reviews. Key features we always keep an eye out for and which will enhance the service an online sportsbook provides include live streaming of sports events, mobile compatibility and apps, early cash out options for live, in-play bets, and even access to online casino games.


If an online sportsbook does offer casino games (and many of them do), Casinocashbet team dives into the portfolio of the games provided. We are also skilled casino reviewers and know what types of games a leading sportsbook should be offering. We want to see a range of top games from today’s leading providers. An online bookmaker can’t fool us just by offering a few token casino games. Any sportsbook which offers casino software will have to fulfil two sets of criteria – those we demand of our sportsbooks, but also those we expect of top casinos.

As touched on, you are unlikely to see the same number of promos and bonuses at sportsbooks as you will find at online casinos. However, that does not mean to say that we should expect none. We do, and they need to be of a certain calibre to pass muster here at Casinocashbet.

Our team will rip apart the terms and conditions of any offer and go over the content at a bookie with a fine-tooth comb to ensure that you are getting the best promotions and bonus deals around. Only sportsbooks which offer high-quality, fair promotions which provide good value for money will make it onto our best online sportsbooks list. Here are a few of the promotions we like to see…

Welcome Bonuses

This is an offer which is given to all newly registered members. In many cases, you will be able to pick up a free bet when you deposit and spend a small sum at a bookmaker. This will likely be awarded as cashback, so you are in effect, getting a risk-free bet. Alternatively, a sportsbook may offer a large sum of cash, based on the amount you deposit, as is common at online casinos.

Reload Bonus

 Some sportsbooks are prepared to offer you a small sum of bonus cash when you deposit into your account. Although not as common at sportsbooks as they are at casinos, they do exist and are worth keeping an eye out for.

Special Offers

 All the best online sportsbooks carry special offers. These are often tied to one sport or one match. Good examples of special bets include getting your money back if an outcome does not occur, such as if no goals are scored in a football match. Another example can involve getting extra finishing positions in a placed bet. Some bookies extend this to fourth or even fifth-place finishers. Ultimately, special offers will vary from sportsbook to sportsbook.

Free Bets

 Most offered as a welcome bonus, free bets are also dished out to players at other times. They generally allow you to place a risk-free bet on a match which has a particular set of odds. If you lose, the internet sportsbook will refund your money as a bonus.

Loyalty/VIP Bonuses

 While not all online sportsbooks offer loyalty clubs or VIP programs, some do. If you bet on sports frequently, you should expect to be rewarded. While it is not one of the strictest criteria that we judge bookmakers on, we will always look favourably on a sportsbook which has a loyalty club. Typical rewards offered to frequent fliers include cashback, deposit bonuses, and a series of “special offers” which are not available to regular bettors.

Sportsbook FAQs

If you have not wagered on sports before, you are in for a real treat. However, it is understandable if you are not yet sure, and if you have a few queries, we will try to answer them in our FAQ guide below.

What Is a Sportsbook?

A sportsbook is an internet gambling site which excels at offering bets on sports. The online equivalent of a high-street bookmaker, sportsbooks may also provide casino games, poker, even bingo games at times. However, their primary function is to allow you to bet real money on sports.

Which Sports Betting Operator Has the Best Odds?

We could not possibly say that one of our sportsbooks has better odds than the other, as they are subject to change, depending on the sport and the match. However, we feel confident enough that we can guarantee that the sportsbooks featured at our website all offer better odds than most rival sites which have not made the grade at Casinocashbet.